Klebelsberg Castle Budapest

The renovated Klebelsberg Castle opened its doors in the summer of 2017, which, in addition to showcasing our cultural heritage, provides hotel services to the general public.

The hotel is located in a beautiful landscaped garden and can accommodate about 60 people at a time in 29 rooms. Bordered by a high stone fence, the Castle complex allows all guests to have a quiet, peaceful stay.The discreet environment and the spirit of the place are an excellent destination for those who want to recharge.

The location of Klebelsberg Castle is not only ideal for visitors to Budapest, as the proximity of the Pilis and Buda Hills offers countless additional opportunities for adventurous tourists!

The Klebelsberg Memorial House has excellent facilities for a wide variety of events. Several sections can be set up in the Castle, which is also suitable for several programs at the same time!