Gift Vouchers

One of the most beautiful and useful gifts in today's busy world is to give Adventure and Relaxation. It is also a convenient solution for the giver, since a gift voucher can be purchased without running and queuing.

Buy a gift voucher, choose the one that suits you! You have the opportunity to:

  • purchase gift voucher by selecting the exact amount, or
  • book your gift voucher package with given services.

Gift Vouchers with amount
This voucher, which can be used within 1 year, is a proven solution for buying a gift for a certain amount. The recipient will use the voucher for his or her reservation and will add to the amount if the reservation requires it. With this voucher recipient can choose not only the date of travel but also the type of accommodation.

Gift voucher packages
Gift voucher packages can be used within 1 year for a specific period, room type and, board. The date of use will be agreed between the recipient and our colleague when redeeming the voucher. Great solution for birthday, name day, anniversary, Christmas or employee recognition.

Our gift voucher package offers: